This is the place

Hey! Hi. I’m az. I’m a writer. This is my spot to put the things I make. For now, that’s pretty much just… Uh… Writing. It might include other stuff later. We’ll go with whatever feels right. If you find something here you like, feel free to hang around a while. : )

A young woman with light beige skin, large blue eyes, and shoulder-length brown hair, wearing a black tank top and a blue flannel shirt. She has a small braid in the left side of her hair. She is winking at the camera with a cocky expression while snapping the fingers on her right hand.
Art of Beth by Jasmiine Draws!

Two Wolves

A cyberpunk coming-of-age story about Beth, a young woman who’s desperate to go from loser to legend. She’ll cross any lines she needs to if it means she can throw out her old life and start over as a merc in the underworld. No turning back.

My current project for NaNoWriMo 2021. Updating as often as new stuff is ready (about a chapter or two a week right now).